The subscription that makes cyclists happy

LOOPZ revolutionises children’s cycling. We believe in the continuous evolution of your little cyclists, which is why our flexible subscription offers the ideal bike for every stage of their growth.

LOOPZ partners with local bike stores, supporting the local economy while guaranteeing top-quality bikes for our little cyclists. It’s an opportunity for your children to learn to love cycling, an adventure of discovery and fulfilment.


Contribute to a circular economy by participating in a bicycle rental system.


Highest standard of excellence, with top-quality bikes.

Local support

Support local bike stores.


Give your child the opportunity to explore and grow through cycling.

The strength of our local bike store partners

Trustworthy partners

Our partners are carefully selected to ensure that your children receive the very best bikes. You can rely on the quality of our partners.

The choice of quality

Working with LOOPZ partners means you have access to premium bikes for your children. Their commitment to quality is our guarantee of trust.

Kid's rental bikes from 6 euros a month

Local support, global quality

Our partners are local bike stores offering bikes of international quality. When you choose LOOPZ, you get quality and support local.

A caring partnership

We work in partnership with bike stores that share our vision of children’s development through cycling. Your choice of LOOPZ reflects your commitment to quality cycling for your children.

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The artisans of the cycling revolution

Our story begins with deep expertise in two areas: cycling and new consumption models. The fusion of these two worlds gave birth to LOOPZ, a shared vision to offer children an exceptional cycling experience. Our founders, Alex and Florian, have a wealth of experience in the cycling industry, with a shared passion for sustainability and circularity.

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