Kid's rental bikes from 6 euros a month

How LOOPZ works?

At LOOPZ, our subscription process is both easy and secure. Designed to offer the best to your children, LOOPZ simplifies life for parents, while promoting circularity and quality. LOOPZ rethinks cycling for kids in a smart, yet simple way.

1. Select

Choose the perfect bike from our shop. Also, pay attention to the store your bike comes from. This is where you can get your bike repaired and return your bike at the end of its use.

2. Pick-up

Your bike waits for you!

Pick-up your bike at the indicated partner bike store.

3. Ride

Ride and explore the world. If you need help, the store’s technicians will be there to help you.

Exchange or Cancel

Whenever your child outgrows the bike, exchange it for the next bigger one! Or if they want to change bike type or colours!

5. Repeat ...

Repeat the process as long as your child grows. Note : you can also cancel your subscription whenever you want after 12 months. We hope to keep you with us, but we don’t want you to feel locked in.

We have answers to your question

We know that children can be energetic. So your rental includes the usual wear and tear a child puts on a bike, as well as a little bike maintenance when you return your bike at the end of the rental period. However, if you need a mechanical repair during the rental period, you can go to your local bike store to have it repaired. This repair will be added to your monthly subscription if you have not opted for the repair package. For your peace of mind and to avoid additional costs, we recommend you to opt for the repair pack option.

LOOPZ is a network of bike stores that offer the LOOPZ subscription solution. We recommend that you take into account the store’s distance from your home, as well as the bicycle brands the store serves. Every LOOPZ partner is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Lastly, note that our prices do not vary from store to store.

As a LOOPZ customer, you need to return the bike to the store you have picked it up from. Once you have returned it, you can pick up another bike from the store of your liking.

We believe that bike stores are the market experts. They are there to recommend and offer you the best service in the event of repairs. This also means that your children’s bikes can be maintained by expert technicians in-between uses.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time via your customer portal after a minimum period of 12 months. Our model aims to change bike ownership but not to enter into a short-term rental scheme.

The minimum subscription period is 12 months. However, you can change bikes at any time (even during the 12-month period). Changing bikes re-commits you for a minimum period of 12 months to Loopz.

Once your little one has outgrown a bike or wants to change it, all you have to do is log on to your customer portal and notify us about your wish to change. You can then select your new bike. All you have to do is return your old bike to the store to pick up your new one.

In the case your bike needs to get fixed, your repair package (optional) will cover the cost of in-store repairs. If you don’t opt for the repair pack option, the repair costs will be added to your monthly payments. Secondly, the subscription includes wear and tear considered as ‘normal’. Should you return a bike in questionable condition, the repair pack will avoid any discussion. We recommend this option for ultimate peace of mind.

Select the payment method of your choice. Then enter your bank details and you will be automatically debited every month. At the end of your subscription, your payments will stop once we have received proof that the bike has been returned to the bike store.

If, for any reason, you would like to end your subscription, all you have to do is mention it in your customer portal, then return your bike to the store – it’s that simple. Please note that the subscription cannot be cancelled before 12 months.

We have a wide range of bikes available in our shop. Choose the bike that is best adapted to your child. The size listed in our store is the recommended size of your child. Also pay attention which store you choose, as this will be your store for pick-up and drop-off.

When your child outgrows their bike, we invite you to use your customer portal to notify us of your desire to perform a bike exchange and select the new bike you want. The bike you return must be returned to its original store. If you order your new bike from the same store as your original one, your new bike will be waiting for you there when you return your previous bike. If you order a bike from another store, you’ll have to pick-up your new bike at the other store.

If your bike has a technical problem during the subscription period, we invite you to have it repaired in its original store. The cost of repairs will be covered by your repair pack if you have taken the option. We invite you to take out this peace of mind repair pack to avoid any bad surprises and to let your child enjoy its bike.

  • In the event of loss or theft of the bikeyou’ll be liable for reimbursing the residual value of the bike. A fee will be charged based on the residual value of the bike. This will be communicated to you at the time of invoicing.

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Kid's rental bikes from 6 euros a month